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Postby Utena » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:21 pm

Welcome to's forum community!

This forum is full of polite and friendly members so I'm sure there won't be any problems, but still it can be a good idea to read the following lines, just to make sure :)

- Prohibits -

1. Any kind of vulgar or hateful language is prohibited.

2. Pornography and violent material are strictly prohibited. Do not post links to sites containing porn or offensive content.

3. Do not post anything that is related to global politics, racism, sexuality, religion, or any other sensitive or controversial issue.

4. Do not post or request illegal copies of software, cracks, ROMs, movies, or other copyrighted media.

5. Mika's mp3s and videos can be posted and downloaded for personal evaluation purposes only.

- Forum Etiquette -

1. Be respectful to others.
This is an international forum, which means that people from all over the world post here and share their opinions. Everyone has the right to express themselves in a civilized manner. If you disagree with something, don't reply in a sarcastic or hurtful way.
Rude comments towards others are absolutely unacceptable here.

2. Be tolerant.
Remember, not everyone in this forum has a perfect English and knows Mika perfectly. Tolerate mistakes and don't point them out rudely.

3. Be polite.
If you download files here, always write thanks to the one who uploaded them. Same goes for graphics.

4. Credit artists for their graphics.
If someone requires credits for their avatars/signatures/sets, you MUST credit them, or you are going to get a warning.
In your signature should be mentioned something like:
- avatar made by: xxxxx
- set made by: xxxxx

5. Write descriptive titles, stay on topic, and do not spam.
I think this is clear enough :)

Thanks for your attention!
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Re: Rules

Postby Raburii » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:13 pm

I can't visit the gallery ó-ò
I dunno what "global password" means...
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