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Hello from the netherlands!!

Postby BlueRose » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:15 pm

Nickname : BlueRose
Age: 20
Country : The Netherlands
Occupation : Student
websites/ blogs URL : I dont have any :O

- YOU & MIKA -

When did you first heard of Mika Nakashima ?

I first heard about Yuna Ito when i wanted to know more about her and watched NANA then i wanted to know more about Mika :D

How much are you fan ? (??/10)

What do you like in her ?

she has a lot of variation in her songs: rock,pop,jazz,etc,her style is great,she likes cats!

Favorite song ?

I have more than 50 mika songs on my mp3 so i like pretty much all song from her but my favs are: I,Aroma,Focus,Helpless Rain,Fed Up,Last Waltz,My Gentleman,Stars,Legend too many!

Favorite PV ?

Hi No Tori, most beautiful pv ive ever seen :)

- YOU & ME -

How did you find out about the website ( ?
Did you like it ? Or not ?
Yes :) only wish the forum was more active but thats ofcourse not the admins fault :)
Site Admin

looking forward to participate in this forum and connect with other mika fans :D
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Re: Hello from the netherlands!!

Postby Utena » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:05 am

Welcome Blue Rose, I'm glad you joined us!
The forums used to be way more active 2 years ago or so but what can you do? People get busy, I do as well sometimes :)
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