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Hello from the UK! :)

Postby marylily2 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:28 pm

I thought I'd fill in this presentation form so you can all get to know me!

- YOU -

Nickname : Mary
Age: 19
Country : England
Occupation : Voluntary assistant zookeeper and volunteer for The Cats Protection League
websites/ blogs URL :

- YOU & MIKA -

When did you first hear of Mika Nakashima ?
Admittedly, I didn't hear of her until my friend introduced me to Nana in 2007 but I was so instantly captivated. I knew I had to find out more so I listened to a few songs and just fell head over heels for her and bought all her albums.

How much are you fan ? (??/10)
10!!!!!!!!!! It's grown and grown over the years though. This year is the first year I've actively tried hard to follow her career though.

What do you like in her ?
I love that she's so unique. Her music style is completely different to stereotypical J Pop artists. Her voice is husky and lovely. I love that she's rebellious and has gorgeous tattoos. And I LOVE that she loves all her cats so much as I'm a cat obsessive too.

Favorite song ?
Oooh that's very tough. I'd have to say Love Addict, purely because I'd never have realised how much I adore her music without it. Venus In The Dark comes very close though.

Favorite PV ?
My Sugar Cat- so adorable!

- YOU & ME -

How did you find out about the website ( ?
Well, I'd been searching like crazy for an English speaking site, and just as I was about to give up, I spoke to the admin of '' who recommended this!

Did you like it ? Or not ?
I LOVE it! It's brilliant and has everything I need :)
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