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Postby peggy » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:46 pm

... now you know how to greet people in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian. =D
Hi fellow Mika fans! I'm Petra, a japanese music appreciator from Bosnia (yes, we do have Internet here and it sometimes makes me think like this is the only thing that is considered as civilized here >.> )

- YOU -

Nickname : Peggy, Pepe, Pepa
Age: 18, soon 19
Country : BH
Occupation : student of German language and literature (it's the first time i wrote this - it's official :'D )
websites/ blogs URL : hmm, don't have one but i might add my page Clicky :3

- YOU & MIKA -

When did you first heard of Mika Nakashima ?
I can't remember really. I think it was a couple of years ago as I browsed dA and found a picture of hers. Thought her beauty was just stunning... Looked up online to see if there's something i could draw and eventually started to listen to her. I was pleasantly surprised as i found out that her music is widely jazz influenced. :3 It's my no1 genre alongside with funk.
How much are you fan ? (??/10)
I'd say 7,5/10. I'm a fan, not a fanatic. lol
What do you like in her ?
I like her being calm. She is capable in bringing this emotion of tranquility and peace but still has a sexy touch in her music. Well, it's jazz afterall, it has to be sexy. And like I said before, her beauty keeps me captive. She also emits an image of a lady, a real woman, not a rebel. She's Pisces, right?
Favorite song ?
Venus in the Dark
Favorite PV ?

- YOU & ME -

How did you find out about the website ( ?
I just entered "Mika Nakashima fansite" in Google. =D
Did you like it ? Or not ?
Ofc I did. Otherwise I wouldn't join the forums.
Would you like an english version of the site ? (even if I usually post news in english and french)
Umm, yeah. I don't understand a word on French. :/
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Re: Zdravo~

Postby Utena » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:22 pm

Hey! welcome on the forums! And yes Mika's Pisces (it starts on February 19th which is her birthday date ^^)
One of my favorite song is also Venus in the Dark, amazing song it is!
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