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[unobore deka] Report No. 04

Postby Utena » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:24 pm

Report No. 04

Poster Shooting ☆ 2

Those pictures have been on the way (sweat)
I'm sorry!

So today is...

The former girlfriend of our unobore, now wife of criminal police team, Seiko.
In the role of Higurashi Rie, Mika Nakashima.

Picture taken sitting on a chair. With some wind effect.

"Onegaishimasu" appeared Nakashima-san nervous.
Red hair, blue contacts, and high impact.
While they are talking about the photos' descriptions of Mr. Ikuta and Mr. Nagase, the shooting started.

"While taking a shot in the wind" "After some shots are taken, please move freely"
"The hair, with a natural feeling, waves in various directions" asked the photographer, "Yes" "Okay" politely answered Nakashima-san.

Shooting, but working quietly and calmly, the photoshooting was completed... There is such a cool impression!

From this picture, it's hard to imagine Nakashima-san as a housewife! Enjoy~

Please look foward to the entire poster~~
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