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Beau-PASS November 2008

Postby Utena » Sun May 16, 2010 6:15 pm


PART 1 : Hold on, and I think people are waiting for me.

- November 12th, a new single will be released "ORION", and it is also really like that, "Mika Nakashima x Star x winter ballad, and it gives us an ultimate warm winter ballad" it seems like a rule for you, did you realized it while you sang it for the first time?

    Nakashima : I'm not really aware of such a thing. I just felt like singing, I didn't realize it could give this impression back then, it's a coincidence. (laughs)

- You were born on February, do you feel anything regarding your season, what if I say winter?

    Nakashima : I simply like winter. I like the feeling you get when you watch a wintery street scene too, like a complete absence of color.

- "ORION" is from a TBS drama, "Ryusei no Kizuna" which will be airing every friday night at 22 PM, and it is also the insert song, and I think that it fits the drama really well. Could you tell us of what kind of mood is made this song?

    Nakashima : I was often asked this, it's a special song, but not only because it has been used in the drama, what makes it so special is that they often use it for the last scene.

- Was this song selected especially for the drama?

    Nakashima : Yes. We decided to chose it when the drama soundtrack was finished. But I do think that listening to the song in the drama isn't the best way to enjoy it.

- Then, including the coupling tune, do you think you reached everyone?

    Nakashima : I usually pay attention to people who listen to my songs, in every single there is a meaning of reward toward them.

- When you release something, you would eventually attend some events, is it also to show your gratitude?

    Nakashima : Otherwise, I probably couldn't. I want to do things properly, but I also enjoy it, even when I happen to think "I hate that", Ican do my best because I know some people are looking foward to it.

- I can feel the importance you attach to your fans, do you often have the opportunities to do so?

    Nakashima : I feel it the best when I perform. I try to perform in such places that children can also come. Children's energy is really powerful after all. I think I should be able to sing as long as those children come watch me.

Translated by Utena.

I had this one in my archives, unfortunatly, we can't access it anymore online :/
Part 2 to come -tomorrow I hope- :)
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Re: Beau-PASS November 2008

Postby phoenix.blood » Mon May 17, 2010 5:07 am

many many thanks for the translation Utena!
love to know more and more about her...
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